Alternative proposals after possible refund rejection

I believe with 7th refund BIP under vote, BALN holders who vote NO (which from ongoing vote, but also the previous ones, there is a lot of) should also workout proposal that is more than just „don’t refund anyone” and also close any further never-ending drama related to refund, and put up to vote alternative idea of managing significant holdings allocated to reserve fund beyond just main purpose which is covering bad debt. I just hope to start conversation that can show
that it is not just ”emotional voting like ‘screw everyone’ (direct quote).

Just as example if we are not refunding assets acquired from liquidations, maybe putting it in main DAO fund (now and in the future, we can talk about the percentages and details) with upcoming KARMA defi would be an option that would greatly improve Balanced position. Another maybe more controversial idea would be a direct BALN buyback, we could be our own market makers, with daily distribution going below 20000 and hopefully adoption coming with BTP that would make it a smart move in my humble opinion …that is just on top of my head, but I hope the constructive conversation can begin even if only as a possible scenarios exercises. Some damage to Balanced DeFi has been done, to the public sentiment, to the price, to the number of possible users, to a community as whole, no doubt. If we say no to refund what else can we do to mitigate the final outcome that best benefits Balanced DAO.