Adding CFT/sICX as votable pool

Hello everyone,

The Craft DAO, the leading NFT marketplace of ICON, has recently decided to adopt bnUSD as the main rewards currency of our protocol (additionally from supporting bnUSD as payment). It means that all protocol revenues will be automatically swapped to bnUSD (through Balanced) before being transferred to stakers and the DAO fund.

We are currently testing this update on testnet. The Craft DAO and Balanced DAO share a lot of community members and some expressed the wish to be able to vote for CFT/sICX pair with their bBALN.

We’re currently incentivizing liquidity by distributing CFT to CFT/sICX LP weekly and we’d like to launch a new campaign of incentives for bBALN voters for the CFT pair. We feel that this incentives program is more aligned with Balanced vision, especially since the bBaln update. We are planning to unlock an incentive budget from our DAO fund to test the effect of this program on CFT liquidity before deciding on a permanent incentive model.

We’ll require to pass a network proposal to add CFT/sICX as a votable pool, we would be happy to hear your remarks and feedback on this subject.


I am really excited to see how this goes - there is definitely an interest in supporting Craft among the DAO.

I imagine focusing solely on CFT/sICX and letting routing access the deep bnUSD/sICX liquidity is the best option.


Really exited for a protocol to try out these features!

We can if you want to set this up this on Lisbon to test out before we go to a vote. Especially test the bribing part, since users have not much of that yet.


I am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I think CFT/sICX deserves a spot on the voting list, but beyond that I want to see the bribing system in action.

bBALN holders benefit and future projects will be able to see how it’s done.