Adding a sICX:bLuna Pool

With Luna going on a crazy run recently and people having to wait 21-24 days in order to unbond their bLuna, its resulted in a 5%-10% premium in order to instantly burn your bLuna for Luna.

Due to the fact that ICX and Luna have a lot of things in common, I feel that there are a lot of token holders that hold both coins. I think adding a sICX:bLuna pool would be massively advantageous for us as it would provide a direct way for people to take profits from Luna into ICX and also provide an great alternative to those looking to instantly convert bLuna without paying the large premium by converting it from bLuna to sICX to ICX to USDT/USDC. This could increase the number of Balanced users and ultimately increase the fees generated by the protocol.

I also think it will allow us to get great exposure as people will realise that BalancedDAO offers an alternative defi protocol that will allow people to diversify out of Luna while still being able to utilise similar functions that are available on Luna. Happy to hear everyones thoughts on this.


Personally I’d love to see collaboration with Terra. I think the ICON team is aware that quite a few people in the ICON community are also in the LUNA community. Hopefully we will get a BTP integration with Terra in the future that will allow for LUNA or bLUNA to be traded on Balanced.

Maybe @benny_options has some thoughts as well.


Ya, i am think Luna is very strategy in designing the whole ecosystem to enable all user win2 situation. Balance should tap into this mass Luna community.

Support your idea.

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Would be a win, win if we can make this happen! From a marketing play Luna is currently the talk of the crypto space! BTP Integration would be huge for ICON , especially as we are only weeks away now for ICON 2.0

Scott and the team - lets make this happen!

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Yep just patiently waiting for BTP progress but I do expect that we’ll be able to have a connection to LUNA in the future through BTP

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