A newbie question

Hello, and my apologies if this question is in the wrong place or a result of ignorance in the subject.
Ok - Some time ago (2 months or so) I received a bunch of ICX tokens. I converted to sICX using the balanced network, played a bit (mainly for studying what is defy) and forgot from the whole thing.
A week ago, I logged in again, and decided to unstake them.
I verified my ICON wallet as it was in the past, and poof … suddenly all funds gone.
There are two transactions that appear in the history of balanced (which s strange, thre was supposed to be one only)
one of them for example is: ICON Tracker
I asked some friends to help me, we made sure that they were not re-staked, and I just don’t know what happened with them.
Anyone has a clue?
Who can help with such a thing?
Thanks you.

Hi there,

If you unstaked using the the wallet on Balanced’s home page, then there will be an unstaking period (around 7 days).

Hi, and thank you. 8 days have passed, but as the 7 days is only approximation, I will check again in a day or two. If funds will not be received, is there anything to do?

after you unstake, you should click the ICX coin of the wallet. There will be 2 tabs “send” and “unstaking”. You should click “unstaking”, then click “claim”.


Thank you! all funds are in place :slightly_smiling_face:

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